Connectivity control unit (CCU)

Bosch Mobility Solutions

Autonomous eCall and independent telematics functionality, voice and data connection to facilitate off-board vehicle diagnosis and support
Emergency Call (eCall)
In the event of an accident, the CCU automatically connects the driver to the emergency services control center, which then sends immediate help to the crash site. eCall will summon help even if the driver is unconscious or unable to speak. The CCU is equipped with an integrated backup battery, speaker and microphone, ensuring it is fully functional for eCall even if the vehicle’s other systems are damaged.
Information Call (iCall)
Whether you have lost your way in an unfamiliar area or just want to enjoy a guided tour in your own car, the service center knows the way and has the information available to assist you via the CCU.
Stolen Vehicle Tracking (SVT)
Another feature made possible by the CCU is that you can be informed via an app if ever your vehicle is moved uninten-tionally. The service center determines the vehicle’s current position, so the police can quickly trace it.
The CCU provides all passengers with internet access.
Add-on Service
The CCU makes it possible to supply even more services, e.g.:
– Checking the oil level via smartphone from home
– Finding your vehicle again in a parking lot

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