Components for Start-Stop Applications (FEAD Side)

FEAD (front-end accessory drive)
Pulley Decoupler (PYD): 
Reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions due to lower belt preload and friction losses (standard PYD function) 
Reduced excitation of torsional vibrations in the belt drive due to decoupling directly on the crankshaft 
Switchable Pulley Decoupler: 
Pulley can be decoupled from the crankshaft to enable independent air-conditioning when the engine is switched off 
CO2 benefit due to extended stop phases 
Improved air-conditioning comfort is maintained when the engine switched off and during sailing 
Decoupling Tensioner: 
Enables engine start, cold start (depends on motor cold start moment) 
Enables the Change of mind – engine start 
Enables load point increase and decrease 
Boosting ​

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