BYD DM-p Technology Platform Thermal Management

​​Air conditioning system: we are implementing the third generation of electric compressor. Through optimizing the mechanical structure, e-motor performance and electronic control module, the energy efficiency is improved by 10% and the whole performance improved by 8% and makes the driving experience more comfortable

Battery heater

Battery thermal management system: the goal is ensure high-efficient and safe vehicle battery system. Also, we must ensure high-efficiency charging during extreme temperature conditions (from -35℃ to 45℃), and temperature control under all weather conditions
Cooling ​system of motor controller: by optimizing the heat dissipation of electric motor, reduce radiating area by about 30%; the drive mode can be controlled intelligently

​Cooling system for high temperature: make full use of the engine exhaust heat, new module is more compact and better integrated

ICS (Intercooler System): an optimized layout of the compressor recirculation brings NVH benefits; also the radiator is lighter and smaller.

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