Porsche Bulkhead Crossmember

Formed in hot blow forming process from rectangular tubing
Produced from ultra high-strength boron steel alloy with 1500 MPa tensile strength
Crossmember distributes energy in frontal crash load cases
Picture911 Carrera (997)
The increased rigidity of the cross member and the improved anchorage have significantly reduced footwell penetration in the event of a crash. The reduction in the cross section has also allowed the anchorage for the pedals and the pedals themselves to be moved forwards by 10 mm. This provides taller drivers with more legroom and allows them to find an optimum seat position.

Boxster (987)
The purpose of the bulkhead cross member is to absorb the forces introduced by the front side member structures in the event of a crash, to reduce deformation in the footwell and in doing so to ensure better protection for occupants.

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