Brembo Brake-by-Wire

Brake Control UnitVehicle Control Unit

A full electric 12V distributed braking system with 4 independent braking corners

Hydraulic caliper
Electro-mechanical pedal sensor
Electro-hydraulic smart actuator with integrated BCU

Ready for autonomous driving
Integration with advanced driver assistance system functions and architectures
High performance – a shorter stopping distance
Adjustable and programmable brake feeling with haptic feedback
​Parking brake function integrated to rear calipers

Zero drag torque calipers
Less CO2 emissions
Brake blending and range optimization in electric vehicles
Energy consumption optimization

Open architecture for functional vehicle integration
Full “by-wire” distributed architecture allows for flexible layout
Simplification of assembly (production/services) and end-of-line procedures

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  1. My Father actually has a Brembo brake installed. It’s a very interesting gadget, because it’s integrated in the BCU caliper. It’s quite rare to get in touch with tools like this. You have to research more about its quality and effectiveness, because it’s only available outside of the country. If I ever get the chance to order one, I’ll buy dozens of this product.

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