Brembo Brake-by-Wire System

BBW system is activated simply by pushing the brake pedal like a standard brake system.

The pedal simulator provides a pedal feel simiilar to a traditional brake system.
Its setting (force, stroke, damping, free-play) can be adjusted according to customer specification, with no influence to the rest of the system.

The pedal sensor detects the position of the pedal and relays it to the BCU.

Brake control unit

The BCU processes the signal received by the pedal sensor, calculates the braking torque targets to each braking corner and relays it to the actuators.
Two versions 12V-48V

The front and the rear BCUs process the signal received by the pedal and relays it to actuators and electromechanical calipers.

The electro-hydraulic actuator, controlled by the BCU, converts electrical energy from the battery to the hydraulic pressure according to the pressure target.
BLDC 12V or 48V

Electromechanical brake caliper

The electromechanical brake caliper, controlled by the BCU, converts electrical energy from the battery to clamping force according to the force target. It also provides electronic parking brake function.
BLDC 12V or 48V

The Advantages

Reduction of braking distance
Compared to a traditional braking system, the BBW enables a remarking reduction of braking distance thanks to faster response time, especially for assisted or automatic braking functions.

Ability to tune the braking torque
The driver can choose between different braking settings (sport, comfort,…) according to personal preferences.

Ability to tune the pedal feel that the driver experiences
The driver can choose between pedal responses (soft, hard,…) according to personal preferences.

Steady braking regardless of the vehicle’s load
The braking torque automatically adapts to vehicle load, keeping braking distance constant.

CO₂ emission reduction
The BBW systems reduces CO₂ emissions, automatically optimizing the usage of the braking system and the energy recovery and reducing the brake residual drag.

Seamless transmission
Passage from service to regenerative braking is seamless and so the driver pedal feel isn’t affected. The pedal feel is not affected even during ABS modulation.

Flexible and modular layout
The BBW system is adaptable to different vehicles, even multi-axle.

Flexible software
The BBW software is compliant to AUTOSAR methodology, and can be interconnected to external software thanks to its open architecture.

Production simplification
The flexible layout of the BBW system, with distributed components, simplifies all industrial assembly, maintenance and end-of-line processes.

Passive safety and space optimization
Thanks to a modular distributed system architecture, the system packaging can be optimized improving the vehicle passive safety design and the space optimization.

Energy consumption optimization
The integration with energy recovery systems enables the optimisation of the recharge of cells in Evs

Suitable for 12/48V electrical systems
The BBW system can be supplied by 12V or 48V electrical systems.

Safety (ISO 26262 compliant)
The BBW system safety level is granted by the compliance with all the standards imposed by the ISO 26262 (functional safety management for automotive applications).

Resistant to extreme conditions -40/+120 ℃
The BBW system operates even in extreme weather conditions, with a usage range between -40 ℃ and +120 ℃ (-40 ℉ and +248 ℉).

Less maintenance and programmed maintenance
The brake fluid reduction, compared to a traditional system, involves a reduction of maintenance operations and costs. Moreover the wear monitoring enables the control and synchronization of pad and disc maintenance with the vehicle maintenance program.

Incorporated Functions

Advanced EBD
The advanced Electronic Brake-force Distribution, with longitudinal and lateral distribution based on vehicle mass, is incorporated in the BBW system.

The Anti-lock Braking System is incorporated in the BBW system.

The Acceleration Slip Regulation is incorporated in the BBW system.

The Electronic Stability Control is incorporated in the BBW system.

The Electronic Parking Brake, with manual and automatic application and release functions, is incorporated in the BBW system.

Wear control
The pad wear monitoring system is incorporated in the BBW system.

The Brake Assistant System, with panic brake control and automatic braking torque increase, is incorporated in the BBW system.

Hill holder
The BBW system incorporates the hill holder function of the parking brake, which keeps the vehicle stationary on sloping roads.

Brake fluid level warning
The brake fluid level monitoring is incorporated in the BBW system.

Disc brake wiper
The automatic disc brake wiping, in case of rain, is incorporated in the BBW system.

Brake pads reburnish
The automatic revitalization of the pad/rotor interface, after a long use of the regenerative braking, is incorporated in the BBW system.

Interface Functions

AEB requests carrying out
The BBW system carries out requests deriving from Advanced Emergency Braking systems.

Park assist requests carrying out
The BBW system carries out requests deriving from park assist systems.

Automatic drive requests carrying out
The BBW system carries out requests deriving from autonomous driving systems, up to level 5.

Blending with regenerative braking
In e-vehicle, the BBW interacts with the regenerative braking systems combining regenerative and dissipative braking.

One-pedal driving
When releasing the accelerator pedal, the BBW system automatically compensates engine brake or regenerative braking in order to obtain a stable deceleration. Possible also for ICE and HEV cars.

Brake disc temperature estimation
The BBW system can estimate the brake disc temperature.

Advanced diagnostics
The BBW system is provided with advanced diagnostics to guarantee the system functioning in case of failure.

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