BorgWarner’s High Efficiency Turbo (HET) for Commercial Vehicles

The core of the HET is the Gen3 ball bearing system, which was specifically developed to endure the rigorous environment and long lifetime required by heavy duty applications.
Ball bearing system enables tighter cover clearances for improved efficiency 
Ball bearing used for reduced friction and improved low end torque responsiveness 
Journal bearing used for exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) applications 
New center section design eliminates water cooling and minimizes heat transfer to bearings and compressor 
New exhaust diffuser insert improves turbine as well as wastegate performance 
Turbine stage design enables wastegate opening with minimal efficiency drop-off 
​Optimized high efficiency compressor and turbine stages 
Best thermodynamic and mechanical efficiency for heavy duty engines
Turbine performance can be tailored to application match and performance goals 
Significant improvement in Time to torque (TTT)
Suitable for heavy- and medium duty applications 

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