Ball Screw Drive Unit




Four-point contact ball bearing
Conversion of radial motion of the electric motor into translatory motion of the actuator 
Four-point contact ball bearing provides support in an axial and radial direction, even during acceleration of the ball screw drive 

​High raceway shoulders, large number of rolling elements for high load ratings 
Provides support in both directions in the presence of high axial forces as well as low radial forces 
Friction optimized design with state of the art noise performance 

Ball Screw Drive (KGT)
Converts the rotation of the electric motor into 
translatory motion of the actuator 
Transforms small drive torques into large output forces 
Both a rotating spindle and a rotating nut are possible 
Integrated bearing support with optimized space requirements is possible 
Integration of adjacent components is possible 
High-precision drawing technologies for the 
highest system requirements 

​High efficiency, very low friction 
Design with optimized noise characteristics 
Available without clearance if required 
Maintenance-free throughout its operating life 

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