Autocar, LLC Launches All-Electric E-ACTT Terminal Tractor

The purpose-built E-ACTT terminal tractor makes a great work truck even better by helping meet regulatory mandates for the vocational truck industry to reduce fuel consumption by 24% by model year 2027 and, in California, to transition diesel trucks to zero-emission trucks.

The Autocar E-ACTT electric powertrain with telemetry/diagnostic systems were designed specifically for severe-duty application by Vorza. Vorza’s electric fleet vehicle development team worked directly with Autocar Truck to create a 24/7 powertrain capable of handling the rigorous demands of semi-trailer yard spotting and container handling.

Autocar’s temperature-controlled lithium-ion battery technology and onboard charging system in the E-ACTT terminal tractor are designed to meet demanding duty cycles with minimal operational disruptions, similar operationally to their current diesel counterparts. With the Autocar E-ACTT, operators now have a much quieter and lower vibration zero-emissions option from a trusted and proven terminal tractor manufacturer, reliable and powerful enough to do the job.

With advanced monitoring systems and innovative telematics in every environmentally friendly unit, the E-ACTT terminal tractor provides cost savings for both predictive and preventive maintenance. It is designed to improve a fleet’s productivity and efficiency by maximizing uptime. Autocar’s telematics allows each tractor to predict when maintenance is needed, allowing the fleet owner to reduce or eliminate downtime and generate cost savings.

Designed specifically for spotting trailers and containers at distribution centers, warehouse/trucking yards, industrial operations, intermodal/rail terminals, and port terminals, Autocar’s E-ACTT terminal tractor’s features include:

Custom-built for the customer’s vocational and site-specific needs
Integration of high quality, off-the-shelf components
The tallest, widest, deepest cab and door combination in the industry
Premium cab noise and temperature insulation and matting
A robust hydraulics system with fast up/down speeds
Easy ingress/egress
Tractor-trailer auto-lock system
Exclusive four-point premium cab air suspension
Autocar Solutions, factory-direct service
Choice of warranty service either in-house or by a third-party

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