Akasol Unveils New High Energy Battery AKASystem AKM CYC for Commercial Vehicles

AKASOL’s flagship product is the new High Energy Battery AKASystem AKM CYC which has entered series development for the battery module and system. The AKAModule CYC achieves market leading energy density of 221 Wh/kg with liquid cooled battery modules, which are scalable and can be integrated in various system designs at the pack level.
The new AKASystem AKM CYC can be fast charged up to 1C, which is more than enough for today’s fast chargers for commercial vehicles, limited to a maximum power of 500 kW. 
The AKAModule CYC comes in two standard versions. The small version (AKAModule 64 CYC) is the same size as the PHEV VDA battery module standard and is thermally managed with cooling plates inside the system. The large version (AKAModule 150 CYC) has an integrated liquid cooling structure, which ensures very efficient thermal management of each battery cell in larger module design. 
To achieve very high energy density in combination with the required charge and discharge power, AKASOL decided to use special 21700 cylindrical cells. These are specifically designed for use in professional and commercial applications in terms of calendar and cycle life. 

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