Aisin’s Electrification Initiatives

Grille shutter

The shutter in front of the radiator controls the flow of air into the grille by opening and closing fins and increases vehicle aerodynamics and thermal efficiency.

Electronically controlled brake system
Floor for EV

An aluminum frame that forms the vehicle floor. In order to protect the battery, materials and construction methods that efficiently absorb collision energy at side impact are utilized, contributing to the weight reduction of the vehicle.

Battery frame

The battery is placed in this frame under the floor. The frame contributes to efficient cooling and warming during charge and discharge. The coolant circulating mechanism in the frame keeps the battery at optimal temperatures.

Current sensor
Electric water pump for inverter cooling
Electric water pump for battery cooling

The integration of control circuit, motor and pump enables a compact body size that achieves high compatibility to a variety of models. Optimized motor control reduces noise.

Flow shutting valve

Two types of valves, 2-way and 3-way, control the stoppage and flow of coolant. They also switch the coolant channels to realize the optimum temperature control path according to the conditions.

Electric oil pump for motor cooling
Shift by wire actuator

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