AFC Energy Cracks Use of Ammonia in Alkaline Fuel Cell

Ammonia is one of the world’s most produced inorganic chemicals and is clean, with the primary bi-products of its cracking and consumption being water and nitrogen. AFC Energy’s new system works by cracking ammonia to create a flow of hydrogen to generate electricity from the fuel cell. Following successful research and development through the EU funded Alkammonia Project, AFC Energy was able to successfully demonstrate a clear ability to scale up power production, enabling it to deliver multi-MW solutions for powering larger off-grid communities. 
AFC Energy’s breakthrough integration of ammonia with its alkaline fuel cell technology has the potential to provide an alternative to off-grid power generators and the harmful emissions they produce. By enabling its fuel cells to accept a lower grade, and lower cost, hydrogen derived from ammonia, AFC Energy will be able to deliver cost-effective hydrogen solutions without compromising the performance of the fuel cells. Ammonia can also be generated almost anywhere in the world, enabling fuel cells to be deployed in remote locations previously unable to import and store viable hydrogen fuel sources. 
AFC Energy will look to utilise available ammonia crackers without the need for further research and development that may otherwise delay delivery of the fuel cell technology to the market. The company has been approached by international organisations regarding the possibility of full system integration at scales up to or in excess of 1MW.

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