48V Air-Cooled Belt Starter Generator (BSG)


Cost-efficient, compact solution for mass hybridization
Advanced start-stop, coasting, and electric boost
Air-cooled BSG with high power density and integrated inverter
​Peak torque
Peak power
60 Nm
12 kW in generator mode
​Up to 20,000 rpm continuous
​< 10 kg

​Ambient temperature
Cold start approved at
​Stack length adjustable
​–40°C up to +120°C
40 up to 80 mm

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  1. Dear Sir / Madam, we are in the final stages of design for an aftermarket installation of charge / drive systems for a niche range of vehicles for the Australian / New Zealand market.
    We notice you manufacture a Starter / Generator that may suit our needs and we require some more information. Could you please tell us:
    – What torque is produced by the starter?
    – What RPM does the Starter run at
    – Can we purchase just the starter generator or do we need to purchase the whole system (S/G, DCDC converter and Battery)
    – Can you provide pricing for each component.
    Best Regards
    Andrew Wells

  2. I need 48v Alternator 200amp.for battery charge 12*4=48v

  3. Alternator 48V DC and price

  4. Dear All,
    I ask you for the vlotage of this part, Do you have just 48V generator?
    Also if you can supply for this part, please feedback to me for email.
    Thank you in advance your answer !

  5. price on 48 v alternator starter
    speck sheet on the alternator
    delivered to south africa , volksrust , joubert street 74
    my watsup: 0027824440297 or email franz@volksrust.com

  6. Price on 48V alternator stater.
    email: william.hazelwood@rodin-cars.com

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