2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Augmented Reality Head-up Display (AR-HUD)

Innovative AR variant with a particularly large image
The aperture angle of the display is 10° horizontal and 5° vertical, and the image appears virtually at a distance of 10 metres. This display area corresponds to a monitor with a 77-inch diagonal. The AR-HUD provides a great deal of augmented reality content for driving assistance systems and navigation information. For the driver this blends into the surroundings ahead of the vehicle, and can therefore contribute to further reduced distraction. The image-forming unit (DMD, digital mirror device by Texas Instruments) consists of a high-resolution matrix of 1.3 mill. Individual mirrors and a highly efficient light source. The technology is also used by projectors in cinemas. In the S-Class it is used by Mercedes-Benz for the first time to generate images in the head-up display.

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