2015 PowerStream GEO Discovery System

  • complete vehicle kinematic/dynamic measurement and diagnostics
  • VSC (vehicle suspension characteristics)

GEO Systems “Discovery” 8 Post 26 Axis Electromechanical Test System

The GEO system has 26 servo driven and controlled axis.
  • Spherical Hub Mounting System
  • Multi-Angle Loading Wheel Pads
The tyre monitoring wheel pads have quick-change mounting to make hub mounting fast and uncomplicated.
  • Active Constraint/Attitude System
The new system has also been developed on GEO to control typical error in overlap or shift between what is aero load verses what is wheel position. This is a great improvement over previous 3 post hydraulic loader systems. Fine resolution in attitude control is vital in accurately applying and shifting vehicle mass to distributed points.
Dynamic vehicle constraint/loading (manipulating the vehicle roll, attitude, and aero inuences)

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